Our Values

Clients of

The Change
Have an Innovation Strategy

Our core values run throughout the group to varying degrees based on the services we offer and the companies we support.

We remain curious and excited by projects and play our part in our client making those same projects a success.


The conceptualisation, development, management and execution of special projects on behalf of large scale organisations is core to what we do.

We also enable scalable companies to unlock growth opportunities within their businesses.


The method fits the company but at core we listen to you so as to understand what our clients do and derive areas we might be able to help and support things that aren’t always obvious at first sight.

Carry out wider research and as a result provide unique angles on the information you share leading to success.


We believe in you and your vision as a leader.

We believe every company can make a positive impact and we want to influence you to ensure maximum positive impact.

We think Unplanned Innovation is a waste of

Time, Money and Critical Resources

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