As the Change Group, we are catalysts for innovation.

Empowering visionary companies and incubation projects to unleash their full potential and create transformative impact in their respective industries.

The Change is pragmatic about its role and in fact prefers to work with high impact companies who current pollute or cause issues so that we can support them on a journey towards significant change and positive impact.

Our mission is to inspire, innovate & ignite change in our clients across our group..

We don’t hold an out of sight out of mind mentality and so we peer deeper at the complex dynamics between organisations. We want to make a tangible difference on the planet, its people and on those we work with. We believe that the power of branding can transcend traditional boundaries, challenging the status quo and reshaping the narrative of what’s possible.

At The Change Group we focus on ensuring the change our clients impact on the world is more positive each day.


To enable, empower and make our clients aware of opportunities to do business in a more positive, lss wasteful and more effective way. We develop our client companies capacity and try and enable them to do things differently.

The change is keen to develop our clients philosophies towards creating a greener brighter world.

Our purpose extends beyond funding, project initiation, development and advice; it’s about fostering a can do proactive attitude about your special projects that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve from every day operational staff. Every project becomes an opportunity to challenge the norm, ignite fresh thinking and set new industry benchmarks.


Reimagining and reinventing your company while not forgetting where you came from. We act as a guide and consultant to ensure you are headed in the right direction, providing challenge and insight to inform your long term thinking.

We worry about the implications so you don’t have to be by yourself when making the big decision to proceed. Our company aims to integrate with your team adopting your companies core values shine out to staff, the market so as to encourage the outcomes you want within each branch of your growing business, and ensure at every stage of the journey that we do it your way.


The change prides itself on looking deeper, and thinking further to ensure the positive impact of the work we do, so that the products and services we deliver add significant value to our customers.

Sometimes we see that our clients don’t see the good that we can see in their work our unique insight on their wider impact and goals are often what the market and the research community need to hear.

Behind the Group

The Change Group represents a profound commitment to innovation and service-driven excellence. We embody our passion for pushing boundaries, nurturing creativity, and making a positive impact on the world.

We will ensure that our innovative brand remains a beacon of distinction, consistently inspiring and captivating all those who encounter it.

We would love to hear from you.